Omoi Zakka is a Book Nerd’s Whimsical Adventure

Walk on the right side of Elbow Lane, and you’ll find Omoi Zakka, the best stationery store in Philadelphia. The sun warms its maroon exterior and on the shop’s windows, checkered pillows, books, mugs, and a camera are displayed. A small chalkboard sign outside its entrance shows two cartoon cats chatting about the newest items in Omoi Zakka. Inside, vibrant colors and objects beckon from every corner of the store. 

Omoi Zakka’s book collection celebrates your weird hobbies and whimsical interests

It’s difficult to summarize Omoi Zakka’s full range of items. From leather-bound journals to a bunny-shaped baby teether, it’s a shop that embraces both Japanese minimalist aesthetics and your grandmother’s sweater from the 80’s. 

Stroll to the back of the shop and discover Omoi Zakka’s neat display of books. Ranging from contemporary fiction to art and design, this stationery shop carries a book for anyone’s niche interest or hobby. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Rogers

Interested in colorful, manga-focused illustrations? Flip through “Rooms: An Illustration and Comic Collection” by Senbon Umishima, or dive into “Neo Retro Illustrations: Retro Reimagined by a New Generation,” which is drawn by various artists.

The store also carries an inclusive collection of books with its inventory of “Black Women Writers at Work,” which consists of interviews with renowned Black female writers, and “Chinatown Pretty,” a mirthful collection of photographs by artists Andria Lo and Valerie Luu.

If you’ve recently flunked an exam, you may be drawn to The School of Life’s “On Failure,” which will console you for most of an afternoon. Or, if you’re feeling like you have some time to get an impulsive buy, make room on your bookshelf for Cesar Aira’s “The Famous Magician.”

Looking to create a warm atmosphere while reading your new book? Check out Omoi Zakka’s inventory of kitchenware. From candy jars that’s covered with daisies to minimalist tea pots, this shop lets you find many ways to feel like a protagonist in a slice-of-life anime.

Visit Omoi Zakka on 41 S 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106.



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