Stadium Standouts: The Most Colorful Characters at Citizens Bank Park

As the Phillies home opener approaches, I prepare for another successful season at the ballpark. During my time as an employee at the team store in Citizens Bank Park, I have encountered many interesting fans and lucky for you, I’ll share some of my favorite people to keep an eye out for at the ballpark. 

The first person that comes to my mind when I think of a die hard Phillies fan is the Philly Captain. He is one of the original members of the “Phandemic Krew”, which began when a small group of Phillies fans would sit outside the stadium and watch the games on a TV during the 2020 COVID season. Now that fans are allowed back in the stadium, the Captain has made his larger-than-life presence felt around the ballpark. I first encountered the Philly Captain when he was outside of my stand at the stadium yelling at baseball YouTuber Zack Hample for stealing batting practice balls from little kids. I then came across his videos on TikTok and realized that he is truly an opposing bullpen’s worst nightmare. His Youtube channel consists of vlogs of his game day experiences. His loud, unapologetic and passionate fandom makes him an embodiment of Philly sports culture.

Photo Credit: @philly_captain on Twitter

Another exceptional character around the park is a man who goes by the alias of The Philly Sports Guy. For those who have been to sporting events in Philadelphia and don’t know who I’m talking about (I don’t know how you wouldn’t, you can’t miss him), he is the guy that paints his entire face in the team’s corresponding colors and yells for the entire game. But he’s not yelling just to yell, he is starting chants for fans to get into the game and bringing a jolt of energy to the stands. The Philly Sports Guy is very interactive with fans and other people around the stadium. He is always willing to take pictures with fans and treats his fellow Philadelphians with respect. For someone that is as loud and energetic as him, it felt so weird to hear him speak at a normal tone the first time I was near him. 

I am very excited to be back at the ballpark with the personalities that make the days spent at Citizens Bank Park with the Phillies fan base feel more like a family than a bunch of strangers rooting for the Phillies.



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