Chicken Heaven is Heaven on Wheels  

The other day, I was on the hunt for a chicken sandwich for lunch and after an unsuccessful attempt at Chick Fil A, I stumbled upon Chicken Heaven—the big blue food truck on Montgomery outside of Ritter. I have never eaten from there before, so I walked up, read over the chalkboard menu, and decided on the Chicken Finger Wrap and the Jackass Sandwich. I gave my order to Mike, the owner of the truck, and he told me the tale of Chicken Heaven. They have been in the business since 1985 and recently just moved back to the truck. He introduced me to the cook, Chef Kenny. We chatted for a bit more, and Mike handed me my bag. As I was leaving, I could smell the fries coming out of the fryer, making me regret not ordering some just by the smell. I got home and started with the Jackass Sandwich, which should be renamed the kickass sandwich because the habanero mango sauce kicked mine that first bite. The crunch of the pickles and lettuce was crisp. The sweetness of the mango and the spice from the habanero went perfectly on the chicken tenders. Chef Kenny knew was he was doing. The Chicken Finger Wrap was massive, and I got fries on the side. From the first bite, I liked the honey mustard and the chicken tenders mix. It’s a classic. I prefer a little more sauce, and this wrap had it. I even saved half for lunch the next day. Overall, I would order from Mike’s truck again and maybe even try their breakfast items. It wasn’t too expensive, I paid $7.50 for the sandwich and $12.50 for the wrap combo. Their service was quick, easy, and the food was delicious.   

Jackass Sandwich from Chicken Heaven / Sam Schreiber
Chicken Heaven food truck on Montgomery Ave. / Sam Schreiber




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