Struck Gold at the Foot Long Truck 

The green food truck along 12th St. outside of the engineering building stood out to me, and it wasn’t just the giant hot dog on the side. The Foot Long Truck is huge and is lined with a yellow ruler on the top, showing that their sandwiches truly are a foot long. Their menu is for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you have plenty of options to choose from. I was shocked by how cheap the sandwiches were. The prices were $4.75 for a 6-inch and $7 for a footlong. They had salads too, and even had combos you could do, like a footlong, fries, and a soda for $9.25. What a deal! Since it was about 1:30 in the afternoon, I decided on two 6-inch sandwiches. I love a good chicken parm sandwich, so I ordered one and followed with a turkey and cheese, but decided to keep the onions and tomatoes off on that one. I waited about five minutes and paid $10.58. They also take Venmo, while is my favorite thing that food trucks have started to add because I always forget my wallet. They were a bit busy, so I didn’t get the chance to stay and talk, but he was super nice when I thanked him for the food, and the food was just as good as their service. Chicken parm sandwiches are always different anywhere you go, and this one was a good one. The turkey and cheese was pretty standard when it comes to a cold sandwich, so next time I would love to throw a salad in on the side to add in. Overall, my experience with the Foot Long Truck was one that I will keep in my head next time I am in need of a delicious lunch while trying to save a couple bucks. 

The Foot Long Truck on 12th Street / Sam Schreiber



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