On Blast: Toxic Duo

When a couple breaks it off officially more than six times, what does it say about these people? 

Ignorant or not, you have to agree that the relationship would appear to be doomed. 

Although the spontaneity of breaking up keeps the relationship exciting in some respects, the constant emotional torment is far from worth it. Through thick and thin they say, right? Yeah, well, to the psych ward and back was my version. All because when it comes down to it, we’d probably take the greener grass over there rather than water the great plot of grass we have now.

Cheating will truly make splendid people do and say all sorts of vile things. It turns a person into the Green Goblin. Sometimes the only thing that stands in the way of a healthy homebase in a world that tries so hard to keep them apart is your own self-destructive nature. Yet, how is using the excuse of cheating BECAUSE you “sensed something was wrong” ever a valid reason to get back at someone? But I digress. Cheaters cheat because they hate their insecurities. It doesn’t matter how physically stunning a person may appear, everyone falls victim to their own doubts in themselves.  

To depart without a quote from the late, great Jack Black would be a sin on my part. “Sometimes hotties are ugly on the inside. And sometimes uglies are super hotties on the inside. And sometimes hotties are super hotty on all sides.”

I’ve lived to learn now that the longer you stay, the worse it’s going to hurt, especially the more attractive the person is. Often as individuals, we must break apart to grow rather than suffer trying to grow together and inevitably holding one another down.



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