Dear Mr. Unstable,

It’s clear that you are in dire need of a psychiatrist and a reality check. I am not a whipping post for your verbal abuse; it is not my job to fix your insecurities because you have the “weight of the world” on your shoulders. The problems you face are not unique, nor are they exclusive to people around our age; everyone in their twenties is trying to find themselves and learn who they are. Therefore, you have no excuse to exhibit such piss poor behavior. 

I wanted someone to spend my time with, not coddle like a small child. My entire relationship with you was like a Sigmund Freud dream that unfortunately came to life. Somehow, in spite of the fact that I’ve never had children, I was forced to become a mother throughout my entire time with you. 

One of my biggest mistakes was taking a chance on you when it was obvious that I was out of your league in the first place. At least a thousand times I said to myself that I could do better, but because of my kind soul, I still gave you a shot. Thanks for teaching me that I should never do that again.

Still, I hope that someday you find peace, because you have destroyed a lot of mine in the process of not having yours.


You Know Who the Fuck This Is!


My mother wants to fight you.



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