Six feet from a little smooch

14th Street staff describe their perfect quarantine date.

“Go to Le CatCafé on Girard, I took [my boyfriend] there for his birthday and it was adorable.”

-Magdalena Becker, Design Director 

“Cycling…I think it’s what I would like to do for a date, going out and doing something that’s appealing in itself and provides things to talk about because you’re physically moving through space.”

-Miles Wall, Introspect Editor 

“We both get a platter of Halal, chicken and rice combo with white hot sauce. Then we go to the beer store, each get a Fireball and we go to the park and enjoy.”

-Ben Owen, Senior Writer

“We would each get takeout cocktails from our favorite bar. Then walk to the river with masks on, double masks, and get single-person kayaks and go kayaking and drink on the river.”

-Madison Karas, Editor-in-Chief

“It would be a staycation at home where we go to the grocery store and stock up on a bunch of really good food and snacks and cook a lot of really good food instead of going out.”

-McKenzie Morgan, Spaces Editor

“Going on a nice run or a nice walk at the park wearing a mask with someone.”

-Emma Padner, Print Executive Editor 

“Zoom movie watch would be fun, just like a FaceTime or Skype and watching a movie.”

-Donovan Hugel, Senior Writer

“Get food and eat it at a park or something, that would be cute, I would enjoy that.”

-Gem Grimshaw, Senior Writer

“Giving my partner a tarot reading. I’m seeing a dark room, blankets and pillows on the floor, some Chinese food delivery, candles, wine, and an in-depth tarot spread”

-Gionna Kinchen, Copy Editor

Illustrations by Heather Marshall.

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