Hobbie Lobbie

Becoming a frisbee disc jockey? Playing field hockey? With new pandemic pastimes, these individuals will never struggle to answer an icebreaker again.

Hear from a few who decided to try something different, and no, we’re not talking about cutting their own bangs.

Lily Reilly
English student

Painting with acrylics

“It’s almost like, meditative for me. It gets my mind off of everything, and also, you see progress. So as you’re working, you see yourself changing and learning and growing and you see physically, you know, paint on the canvas. So it keeps you going because you know you’re making progress.”

Olivia Chave
Bioengineering and computer science student

Writing letters

“I had so much extra time on my hands with quarantine and I was missing people that I didn’t get to see. And I just thought it would be fun to start writing them actual letters because I’m always so excited when I get things in the mail, so I thought it would be more fun to write them letters than to just be texting them, so I started writing actual letters. And then I thought, ‘Well, if I’m taking the time to write an actual letter, I might as well make it fancy.’”

Dylan Fritz
Journalism student

Playing disc golf

Dylan Fritz throws a frisbee into the basket during a game of disc golf on March 5.

“We started playing because one of our friends actually started playing during quarantine because it was still covid-safe, because you’re outdoors and everything. So he got us into it. I started in August and since then I’ve played 80 rounds.

Lindsey Moppert
Journalism student

Making hot chocolate bombs

Lindsey Moppert makes hot chocolate bombs in her apartment on March 3.

“I actually saw someone online make them and I thought, ‘That’s pretty cool, and honestly doesn’t look too hard.’ I really wanted to try it. I basically just ordered one of the molds on Amazon, and it came in and then I got really busy, because I wanted to try and make them before Christmas so I could sell them for stocking stuffers [but] never got around to it. And then right after Christmas, I started it and it kind of just took off.”

Mackenzie Jones
Dental Hygiene student

Filling out coloring books

“I found myself being very bored. So I went on Amazon and I ordered a bunch of adult coloring books. I just had a lot of free time and I was stressed out, letting my mind wander, so I needed something to focus on. I still do it. I like using different kinds of pencils and gel pens, it really relaxes me.”

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