What you didn’t know about the Philadelphia entertainment scene?

Do you believe that movies shot here go unnoticed? Why isn’t filming in our city a bigger deal?  Why don’t we know what’s going on in the ‘local’ film world?

Philly may seem slightly overlooked, but this city offers ideal and historical locations for movies and television. This city has earned its respect in the movie industry and continues to be the hotbed for movie locations.

According to the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, nine films were shot in Philly during 2015. In order to film in any city, there are necessary steps to begin production.

“So usually [directors] come here and they like what they see and say, ‘Yea, I want to film there’,” said Erin Jackson Wagner, Production Coordinator at the Greater Philadelphia Film Office. “It’s up to location managers and production managers to make that happen for them.”

In Philadelphia, there is an incentive program for movie directors.  The program offers 25% to films that spend at least 60% of their total production in the Commonwealth, explained by the Greater Philadelphia Film office. According  to the Greater Philadelphia Film office,  projects eligible for film cut tax credits under the program are, “the production of a feature film, a television film, a television talk or game show series, a television commercial, a television pilot or each episode of a television series intended as a programming for a national audience.”

Wagner believes that in recent years, directors are beginning to film in the grittier parts of Philadelphia, such as Creed, which is part of the Rocky franchise.

“The directors still use landmarks of the Philadelphia area to create an establishing shot,”said Wagner.

The following movies  are pulled from the Greater Film Office filmography located on their website and a mix of some notably  greater Philadelphia classics.


Creed (2015)

This film was written by Ryan Coogler & Aaron CovingtonA few scenes in the  film was actually filmed on and around Broad Street and Erie Avenue. The actors had an original cheesesteak from Max’s.  



American Exorcist(2015)

This follows the journey of a paranormal investigator who is trapped in a haunted skyscraper on Christmas Eve. This film was directed by Johnny Zito & Tony Trov. It stars Leanna Billings bill Moseley and Falon Joslyn. It takes place in an office located in center city according to Imdb.com



After Earth ( 2013)

After Earth was directed by M. Night Shyamalan and written by Gary Whitta. After Earth, a film starring Will Smith(Fresh Prince actor and ‘summer summer time’ rapper) and Jaden Pickett Smith, was filmed partially in Philadelphia. This film is about a father and son crashing on Earth a millennium after humans were forced to escape years prior. The film was shot in the surrounding parts of the Philadelphia area.



Transformers 2 –Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

This film is directed by Michael Bay and executively produced by Steven Spielberg.  The film stars Shia Labeouf(Even Stevens alum),Megan Good,Tyrese Gibson, Josh Duhmael, and John Tuturro. This action packed film was almost entirely shot in Philadelphia.  According IMDB.com, one scene was shot at the Free Library of Philadelphia.



Philadelphia (1993)  

Philadelphia (1993) stars Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington[oh Denzel! Come on ladies!] and Roberta Maxwell. It’s directed by Jonathan Demme and written by Ron Nyswaner. This movie challenges some stereotypes of AIDS. The Beckett family house was located in Bryn Mawr,PA and some scenes were shot at the Wachovia[Wells Fargo Center) spectrum. The court scenes of the movie were shot in or around City Hall of Philadelphia.


Brotherly Love (2015)

Brotherly Love (2015) stars some well-known actors. It is set in the famed Overbrook section of the Philadelphia area. The films shows shots of  the respected and famed Overbrook High school. It follows the journey of an up-and-coming basketball high school star and the obstacles he has to face to prevail. This movie pulls at the audience heart strings and has phenomenal acting starring Cory Hardrict(Tia Mowry’s Hubby!) , Keke Palmer(all around talented young lady) and Romeo Miller. It was directed and written by Jamal Hill.




Kevin Hart: What Now? 

Kevin Hart: What Now? was filmed in front of a vast crowd with of 50,000 people. It took place at Lincoln Financial Field ( Go, owls!) Kevin Hart, a Philadelphia native, reset the bar of humor in this stand up comedy.  This was directed by Lesile Small, written by Kevin Hart and starring Kevin Hart.




Silver Linings Playbook (2011)

Silver Linings Playbook was filmed in and around the Philadelphia area,highlighting Philadelphia’s Western suburbs such as Upper Darby and Lansdowne. The date scene of the movie where Tiffany[portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence] and Pat [portrayed by Bradley Cooper] was shot inside the local’s favorite “Lianch diner.” This film stars Bradley Cooper(Philadelphia Native!), Jennifer Lawrence( We love you Katniss Everdeen!), Robert De Niro (Oh hey  Bobby!) and Chris Tucker( Who portrayed Carter in the film Rush Hour).

Theses titles and many more are some films you should know were filmed in Philadelphia. Perhaps, this post will spark a greater appreciation for Philadelphia and the set that it can embody.




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