Sunny Day Calls for Crepes

Today’s forecast held true with it being sunny and 70 outside, and with the weather Philly has been having recently, this was a sweet surprise from Mother Nature. I have been waiting to try The Crepe Truck for a day as beautiful as today. Their savory crepes seemed to be the perfect treat under the sun. Parked between Tyler and Klein, the black truck stood out to me for two reasons,  how you could watch as your crepe was prepared, and the cute logo posted by the menu. The trucks front panels are open so you could see all the neat features inside, which was a nice break compared to some other closed off trucks. I ordered the NSB, a crepe that comes with Nutella, strawberry, and banana, and a honey apple crepe, adding extra cinnamon for the apples. For both of these yummy crepes I spent $20.  I’ve never had a crepe before, so this was a new journey for me in the dessert world. The NSB was packed with fruit and chocolate and the powdered sugar on top of the golden pastry made it look divine. I decided the best way to go about eating this delectable treat was to cut it, which made it a bit messy, whoops. The different types of sweetness from the chocolate, banana, and strawberry blend so well together, it melts in your mouth. The honey apple might have been my favorite out of the two. Adding on the cinnamon made the baked apples and honey stand out so much more. I think this crepe would be amazing in October as the cool temperatures of fall start coming in. I am so glad I saved this truck for a glorious spring day. I don’t know if it beats ice cream for me quite yet, but crepes will definitely be a new dessert I keep in mind when the sun is out. 



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