High Hopes

After a year of being sunken to their core, our spirits are finally on the come around and starting to feel lifted again. As we’re able to start imagining and planning for a life in a brighter future, 14th Street Magazine asked Philadelphia residents one thing they’re looking forward to doing when the world is a better place.

“Go out and grab a drink, like to do so without having to wear a mask all the time and like getting to actually talk to people, not six feet away from them.”
-Amaris Nieves, 29, Fishtown

“Going to concerts and things like that, and just being around like, just a lot of people. Kind of the same thing, being able to like walk and talk to people that you don’t know, you really can’t do that anymore.”
-Kasandra Lopez, 25, Fishtown

“Get together, physically, with family.”
-Gary Magnin, 49, Fishtown

“Family and friends, get together and have a nice outing or something.”
-Richard Magnin, 56, Fishtown

“Local school gyms, we can open them up so we have somewhere to play basketball at during the wintertime and have a place to be.”
-Steve Robinson, 43, West Philadelphia

“Travel. I would like to go more so out of the country without having to worry about coming back and quarantine.”
-Mark Johnson, 23, West Philadelphia

“Getting out and exploring and just traveling.”
-Cory Harrison, 27, Belmont

“I would love to go to a concert and have live music back. Just really feel those vibes inside of a concert, when everyone’s just like, geared towards the one thing.”
-Taji Mixon, 32, Point Breeze

“Just start traveling. I travel a lot anyway, so I’ve been all over. My next trip is probably going to be Sweden.”
-Craig Thomas, 61, Queen Village

“Travel. Anywhere. My favorite place is Jamaica.”
-Shaunda Jennings, 43, Southwest Philadelphia

“A family vacation.”
-Gregory Pierce, 56, Southwest Philadelphia

“We’re looking forward to getting married.”
-Rhianna Dean, 31 and Michael Foster, 30, Brewerytown

Photos by Colin Evans



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