The “Bang-Bang:” Reading Terminal Trip Like no Other

If you have ever spent time watching Louis C.K.’s sitcom, Louis, one of the lasting ideas from the show is the legendary “bang-bang.” If you enjoy eating – and eating a lot, I might add – this is also a perfect experience for you. Essentially, it’s when someone eats out at a restaurant and after a full meal is finished, he or she leaves and goes into a completely different kind of restaurant.

Reading Terminal Market seems like it was made specifically for this idea. Being a foodie and Louis fan myself, I decided to try it. I have spent a lot of time in Reading Terminal; I always like to bring visitors there. Even with the extensive time I have spent there trying new foods, I don’t think I have been to half of the seemingly-endless amounts of dining options.

The “Dinner Sandwich” from The Original Turkey is a mouth-full of Thanksgiving leftovers.

I started my “bang-bang” with an excellent sandwich from The Original Turkey, a restaurant in the heart of the market that specializes in serving a Thanksgiving-like meal any time of the year. I was looking for a morning-after Thanksgiving leftovers meal, so I indulged in “The Dinner Sandwich.” For $10, I got turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and mashed potatoes on a freshly-baked long roll. Perfect for appreciating the late-autumn holiday, every bite felt as if I were managing my post-Thanksgiving meal hangover with a freshly-made sandwich with turkey, the king of the poultry world.

Freshly made samosas at Nanee’s Kitchen in Reading Terminal Market. Photo By PJ Guippone.

My second “bang” was out of my comfort zone: my first Indian food experience from Nanee’s Kitchen. I got

an excellent introduction to Indian food’s intricate flavors. I had butter chicken served over white rice, with a side of chickpeas and naan (a pita-esque grille

d flatbread) for $11.75.  Indian food, however,  is not for the simple eater. But if an eater wanted to step out of his or her culinary comfort zone, then this dish is ideal. There is incredible depth to the spices, something found exceptionally in Indian food. I suggest mixing all of the meal’s components and putting them on the naan for a full flavor profile.

My experiment at the Market was truly excellent and new. Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy new foods. Philadelphia is the place to find stand-out food staples.



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