Discovering my name in clarity,

And suddenly before me cavities of truth open and reveal themselves

Slowly and yet with a thousand different forces;

And as the first light ignites and illuminates the glory of the world which surrounds me,

There is a serenity and a humming throughout all that is alive.

My foundation is solid,

My vision is sharp,

My awareness is clean.

I have found my name and my purpose.

And with my blood and guts spilling over

From my mouth and my eyes

With all the purity that is left in me,

And by eradicating all of the emptiness and hollowness that I have come to know,

The self becomes enriched, and there is work to be done.

The distractions are gone, superficiality vanished

And left me with the purest and holiest of intentions, of dreams, of visions.

I march forward with knowledge and electric, vibrating energy

That makes my fingertips burst and twitch with the itch of will

To know and to speak and to do.

I progress with clarity.



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