I signed up to be a Sugar Baby and Here’s What Happened

$3-5K per month, anyone?

After covering the , “Something Sweet on the Side” article,  becoming a sugar baby sounded great. The money is large, the opportunities are vast, and, technically, you are your own boss. But, I wanted to really see and experience it for myself, so I decided to make a profile on SeekingArrangement.com.

Creating an account on SeekingArrangement.com was pretty easy, signing up was painless and quick  If you’re signing up to be a sugar baby the account is free, but if you are signing up to become a sugar daddy or mama there is a fee.

Enter moral dilemma number one: should I put my picture on here? Although I only signed up for journalistic purposes, I know that the internet is real, unforgiving, and searchable. I began to question should I really put my face on here and run the risk of running into future employers or worse, people I already know?

giphyIn order to solve this, I put a box over my eyes to cover my identity. Moral dilemma number two: What the heck do I write in my description?

I wanted to sound fun, outgoing, and ambitious because I am all of those things. However, on a site like this my energetic personality  may be taken out of context. So, I decided on saying “STRICTLY PLATONIC” (SD’s) along with a few other charismatic details.

New Message Alert! Oh, my! The one thing I was afraid of happening did. A person has contacted me to have an arrangement, “I’m looking for a typical arrangement, meaning dates and sex for an allowance of around $3-5K per month.”

Woah, sir! I clearly stated in my description that I’m looking for strictly platonic SD’s, how rude.Others reached out, each of them wanting more than I could give, or said I would give in my description, so I just ignored them.

Now it’s my turn to set up an arrangement.  I found a guy who was  only looking for something platonic. So I  messaged him, but got no response. I  might not be his type or being new to the arrangement site, he got cold feet.

Sticking to my guns will pay off in the long run, I will be able to sleep at night knowing that I kept to my morals. Hopefully,  one day the sugar gods will send a wealthy lonely fella my way.



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