Inspiration or Identity Theft?

Students in uniforms of bright T-shirts, tutus and fanny packs embarked on a twelve hour dance celebration to raise awareness and funds for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. On Saturday, Nov. 7, Temple students met on the dance floor at Mitten Hall for its third annual HootaThon. Despite the wearing twelve hours that these dancers faced, it was easy to see that the energy of the event was preserving their spirits.

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The Divine Lorraine – Bridging the Gap or Making it Grow?

When traveling past Fairmount Avenue on the way down North Broad Street, it is almost impossible to miss the imposing behemoth that is the Divine Lorraine Hotel. Once a pinnacle of wealth and luxury in Philadelphia, the grand hotel has sat abandoned since 1999 and has fallen into great disrepair. Despite multiple attempts to renovate or restore the building to its original glory, none have come to fruition thus far. However, since September, the building’s latest owner has finally begun to restore the structure to it’s former self, with plans to make it an apartment complex and stores. The question that many local Philadelphians have though, is whether or not the Divine Lorraine should be made into a “for-profit” building instead of a historic landmark. Will the new shops and housing really help to improve the surrounding community, or will it only increase the existing gap between the rich and the poor?

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Atop A Silent Hill

With the message of “bring your own flashlights,” Saturday night’s Soul Crawl at Laurel Hill took away the lights of the city as  tour guide Dave Horwitz and co-workers guided parties through the steep graveyard overlooking the Schuylkill River. Through the dark and with the aid of cheap pharmacy flashlights, we walked to see the all the graves in the huge expanse of the premise. An uncountable amount of celebrities are housed there, like Ben Franklin’s family, mayors of the city of Philadelphia through 1920 and more. If you tour the place yourself, you will probably catch a familiar name in every section of the cemetery.

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“The Brick Artist”

At the age of five Nathan Sawaya received his first Lego set. Now 42-years-old he has turned his childhood hobby into a fulltime career.

Tired of working as New York corporate lawyer, Sawaya said he would come home at night and play with Legos, creating unique pieces of art using the small colored bricks. Eventually he decided to take a chance on the children’s toy and quit his job in the corporate world to become an artist. His work ended up being a hit.

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Cosette Gobat: Temple’s Alternative Superstar

The Grape Room in Manayunk was filled with Temple students as one of their own took the stage. Cosette Gobat, 19, filled the room with  soul-filled, melancholic lyrics putting the spotlight on her own style of alternative music. The crowd swooned in awe as a raspy voice was projected from her body, things we only hear from well-versed artists in the music field.

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United By Blue brings Fall Looks and Fall Blends to Philadelphia

It is rare to find a compost bin in a clothing store. But this is the case in Philadelphia’s own United by Blue hybrid clothier-coffee shops.United by Blue, a fashion company founded by 2008 Temple alum and Asian Studies major Brian Linton, has two retail locations that can be found in Philadelphia: One in Old City and one in University City on Walnut St . Each of these locations sell more than just clothes—they also are equipped with a coffee shop.

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