Procrastinator’s Guide to Halloween Costumes

We’ve all been there: Halloween night, every piece of clothing on the floor and all hope lost, drawing whiskers on your face to be a cat for the fourth year in a row. You’re internally preparing yourself to be called basic throughout the night. Have no fear, fellow procrastinators! Fourteenth Street is here to turn your Halloween blues to orange with a multitude of costume ideas. All can be thrown together in under half an hour, created in the comfort of your own home and stick to the budget of a college student.

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Philly Foodie

Quest for Best Pumpkin Spice Latte

As the warm summer breeze begins to slowly fade away and the leaves start changing their hues, coffee lovers have only one thing on their mind: the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. While arguments can be made for or against this seasonal classic, one thing is irrefutable: it has a significant impact on food culture in America.  Almost all major coffee chains have their own rendition of this fall favorite.

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Fall Weather is Returning with Normcore Fashion Staples

It has been an interesting year in the fashion world. Couture and ready-to-wear are intertwined, along with a new wave of creative directors in established fashion houses. As we begin to see a shift from traditional runway shows to reality-augmented videos, many designers are trying to find a new sense of style in the latter half of the ‘10s.

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Arts & Entertainment

Open Space Venue Welcomes Philly Rappers

Philadelphia refuses to stop having new wonders and hidden gems. Almost anywhere you look you can find something different, something exciting. Most recently I found it in the back of a graffiti-clothed alley off Girard Street called Open Space. Walk in the back door at 1014 N Marshall St. and the venue opens to a stark contrast of the city that surrounds it: aptly named, the venue is white space. Simple. Modern. Clean. It serves as a blank canvas for whichever event it’s hosting; one standout was a concert celebrating Philly’s budding rap scene Sept. 29.

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Arts & Entertainment

Night with Pete Dennis Quintet

A smooth cruise from Temple Town via 15th Street brought us past City Hall with William Penn looking over in a shaft of light as we rolled past. The night was preluded with the playing of instruments and listening to the Grateful Dead. We then arrived at the beautifully abandoned section of Samson street with only the royal blue lights of “Chris’s Jazz Café” shining through.

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No Picture

Philly Hoopers Host Hoopla for World Hoop Day

As newlyweds took wedding pictures on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Oct. 1, a group of hoopers gathered to celebrate World Hoop Day. Beginner to professional hoopers, were encouraged to dance on the iconic museum steps. The annual celebration of hoop dance began in 2007 when a girl travelling abroad missed her friends at home and started a way they could hoop together wherever they were.

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