Ben Owen

Senior Writer

Ben Owen is a writer at 14th Street Magazine and while he has little work in the journalism industry as of now, he enjoys writing and creating. Last year he learned to screen print and has been making clothing since the start of quarantine.


Photo Editor

Colleen Claggett is photo editor of 14th Street Magazine. She is a freelance photojournalist in Philadelphia with a passion for visual storytelling and an interest in sports. Pre-pandemic, Colleen enjoyed traveling and spending time with her extended family. Now, when she isn’t behind a camera, you can find her slowly working through her long list of recommended television shows and movies.


Copy Editor

Gionna Kinchen is the copy editor for 14th Street Magazine. Gionna is a Philadelphia-based journalist who specializes in writing about social issues, pop culture, music and fashion. In her free time, she enjoys analyzing films, online shopping for clothes she can’t afford, and drinking as much iced coffee as her body can handle.


Transform Editor

Bibi Correa is the Transform Editor for 14th Street Magazine this semester. She is a lover of anime, bubble tea, anything Colombian, and animals. She currently works as the Managing Editor for The Temple News, an Editorial Intern for Philadelphia Magazine, a freelancer for the Philadelphia Obituary Project, and a Magazine Intern for Temple’s IDEAL Office. If you couldn’t tell yet, she loves magazine writing and the accompanying stress. Her dream is to travel the world and hopes to start traveling and writing stories about the people she meets once she graduates.


Senior Writer

Gem Grimshaw is a senior writer for 14th Street Magazine. She appreciates the personality of magazine writing and hopes to work for a culture magazine after she graduates. If she’s not on the volleyball court, you’ll most likely find her thrifting, skating, or hanging with friends.


Print Executive Editor

Emma Padner is the print executive editor for 14th Street Magazine. She’s a Philadelphia-based journalist who’s passionate about travel, politics and the outdoors. If she’s not reporting, you’ll find her hiking, running somewhere in the city or baking bread.


Senior Writer

Donovan is a senior writer for 14th Street Magazine. He’s a Philadelphia-based journalist with an interest and passion for longform sports reporting. He’s also the President of Temple’s men’s frisbee club, and in his free time can be found binging Survivor with his roommates and thinking about how much he misses New Jersey bagels.


Design Director

Magdalena Becker is the design director for 14th Street Magazine. With experience from magazines such as REFINE, Grid, and Philadelphia Style, Magdalena hopes to continue working in her dream field after she graduates this spring. If she’s not editing, she’s working as a barista, talking about mental health or thrifting around the city.


Introspect Editor

Miles is a writer and photographer usually based in Philadelphia, where he can be found whipping through its broad avenues and one-way alleys on his secondhand Raleigh. Through the pandemic winter he’s been laying low in his hometown, learning how to use a retrograde Soviet SLR camera and getting into board games, polka, and the Wu-Tang Clan. He is looking forward to returning to the city this summer, getting a job, and — if public health advisories allow it — hosting a highly cathartic rager.


Creative Director

Ingrid Slater is creative director of 14th Street Magazine. She’s an award-winning publication designer focusing on visual journalism. She’s recently picked up a passion for photography and arts criticism. If you’re patient, ask her about screen printing, The Muppet Show, Judy Garland, or fiber arts.


Senior Writer

Colin Evans is a senior writer for 14th Street Magazine. He’s passionate about news reporting, data, photography and edgy tweets. In his free time he likes to cook, play basketball and wake the neighbors up yelling at video games. His love language is postmodernist TikTok cinema.



Madison Karas is editor-in-chief of 14th Street Magazine. She is an award-winning journalist interested in telling stories about people’s everyday lives. Madison has gotten too into techno music recently. A year from now, she hopes to be on her way to the other side of the world.


Digital Executive Editor

Leilani Henson is the Digital Executive Editor for 14th Street Magazine this semester. She is interested in fashion, beauty, culture, cooking, and of course magazine journalism. Outside of 14th Street Magazine, Leilani helps manage the Templar Annual Yearbook and is a section editor for REFINE Magazine. Throughout the last year or so, Leilani developed a passion for cooking and travel. Next year she hopes to be working as a writer and traveling the world in her free time.


Spaces Editor

McKenzie Morgan is a Philadelphia-based journalist and writer and currently the Spaces editor for the upcoming 14th Street issue. McKenzie is also the current Health editor for REFINE Magazine and a data journalist. When she’s not typing on her laptop’s keyboard, she’s buried behind a book or re-watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

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