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Single for Valentine’s Day? Have no Fear: 14th Street is Here to Make Your Valentine’s Day a Little Sweeter

Valentine’s day is both the best day to own a chocolate shop and the worst day to be single, especially if you’re broke. Anyone who has been single for their fair share of Valentine’s Days is familiar with the sinking realization that your night to be spent watching Netflix, eating some candy and not texting your ex – really, don’t do it.

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Wahlburgers Proves Unexiting

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s safe to bet that you have at least heard of Mark Wahlberg. What many people haven’t heard, though, is that Mark’s brother, Paul Wahlberg (or Paulberg as I’ve nicknamed him), decided to rally the family and open a burger chain. It’s appropriately named Wahlburgers. Note: there is an entire TV show about this, which I was unaware of until arriving at the restaurant.

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Quest for Best Pumpkin Spice Latte

As the warm summer breeze begins to slowly fade away and the leaves start changing their hues, coffee lovers have only one thing on their mind: the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte. While arguments can be made for or against this seasonal classic, one thing is irrefutable: it has a significant impact on food culture in America.  Almost all major coffee chains have their own rendition of this fall favorite.

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Top 5 Food Trucks from Philly’s Fall StrEAT Festival

A precursor to Restaurant Week, the Fall StrEAT Festival Sept. 18 drew quite a crowd of Philly foodies to Manayunk’s Main Street; those who couldn’t snag a table sat on the curb were with sushi burritos and pizza cones in hand. There were vendors, a farm stand, live music, even street magicians, but it was the lineup of over 50 acclaimed food trucks that stole the show. If you didn’t get a chance to sample some of the best mobile meals that Philly has to offer, look no further: profiled below are five standouts from the festival, parked on a street corner near you.

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The “Bang-Bang:” Reading Terminal Trip Like no Other

If you have ever spent time watching Louis C.K.’s sitcom, Louis, one of the lasting ideas from the show is the legendary “bang-bang.” If you enjoy eating – and eating a lot, I might add – this is also a perfect experience for you. Essentially, it’s when someone eats out at a restaurant and after a full meal is finished, he or she leaves and goes into a completely different kind of restaurant.

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