Green Philly: Mural Arts makes Water Department Projects Visible, Above Ground

The Philadelphia Water Department and Mural Arts Program are teaming up to debunk the idea that art and engineering, like water and oil, do not mix.

The two organizations have partnered for about six years to call attention to the City’s clean water technology. Mural Arts commissions local artists to create public, water-themed pieces to educate Philly residents about PWD’s tools, which divert stormwater and prevent it from becoming runoff. PWD said that the two organizations have collaborated on a total of 10 to 20 projects.

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Philly Jesus: Philadelphia’s Born-again Prophet

The street preacher in the minds of many Americans, especially in the diverse northeastern metropolis, is often regarded as a wild-eyed evangelical with either a sign or megaphone, decrying those who defy the Lord who will supposedly receive eternal damnation. On Temple’s campus, visits by such preachers are a regular occurrence. Other merchants of spirituality and wisdom take on less ostentatious forms, distributing books or pamphlets or even simply engaging passersby in conversation.

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Half a Million Women, (Maybe) Ten Bathrooms: How I Ended Up Peeing in a Bag in Front of the Air and Space Museum

The night before the Women’s March on Washington Jan. 21, I sat with my mother and sister in our living room making picket signs for the occasion. My mom – the better artist – was putting the finishing touches on the globe she had drawn on my poster, which declared my reason for marching: Because I’m scared for our planet!

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1/21/2017: Women’s March on Washington Photo Gallery

The day after President Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration, hundreds of thousands of men and women marched in Washington, D.C. and around the world in protest of the new president’s treatment of women and minorities. Reports say the march brought three times the amount of people to the Nation’s Capitol than the inauguration ceremony did. 14th Street writer Brianna Baker traveled to Washington and documented the historic march.

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Procrastinator’s Guide to Halloween Costumes

We’ve all been there: Halloween night, every piece of clothing on the floor and all hope lost, drawing whiskers on your face to be a cat for the fourth year in a row. You’re internally preparing yourself to be called basic throughout the night. Have no fear, fellow procrastinators! Fourteenth Street is here to turn your Halloween blues to orange with a multitude of costume ideas. All can be thrown together in under half an hour, created in the comfort of your own home and stick to the budget of a college student.

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Philadelphia Outfest 2016

Outfest 2016, Philadelphia’s biggest LGBT event of the year, coincided with National Coming Out Day Oct. 9. 14th Street reporter Cady Elliot attended and documented the event:

Philly Hoopers Host Hoopla for World Hoop Day

As newlyweds took wedding pictures on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art Oct. 1, a group of hoopers gathered to celebrate World Hoop Day. Beginner to professional hoopers, were encouraged to dance on the iconic museum steps. The annual celebration of hoop dance began in 2007 when a girl travelling abroad missed her friends at home and started a way they could hoop together wherever they were.

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