Looks of New York Fashion Week

Reporting from the Runway: A Two Way Street of a Journalism Student Modeling in New York

Fashion shows. We all can picture the classic scene that eludes reality and dives into the fantasy of a bright, imaginative world. Viewers absorb enveloping, boisterous music along with the flashing lights of photographers who move with aggression to capture poise. Reporters slide in and out of crowds, eager to secure juicy quotes that will saturate their article and entice readers. Models flawlessly move along the runway, no fear but freedom in confidence.  There is an invisible barrier between the photographer, the reporter, and the model in this fantasy. But from Oksana Ponomarova’s perspective, the barriers are broken through perseverance. 

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Fashion Over Coffee With Danielle Smith

Written and Illustration by: Josh Zegans

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When faced with the woes of post-graduation, many young adults are left to the vices of job security and financial stability. We are given the tools we need to succeed with our specified degree, yet do not always end up on a path we had hoped for. Passions and interests will be pushed towards the background of our lives, and the foreground is filled with avoiding the unemployment line. Not to mention the pressure pushed onto us from our parents, who constantly fret over whether or not their child can make due with their lives in their creative fields.

Danielle Smith, Assistant Planner at Free People, is a fashion-minded individual that didn’t necessarily take the traditional route towards her current career. While she made the transition into a postgraduate lifestyle, Smith was looking to utilize her finance degree from St. Joseph’s University at PWC to get ahead in today’s job market.

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