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A Passionate Past: Marcus/Emma by the Interact Theatre Company

What would you fight for? What would you fight against? These monumental questions were raised in the small hallways of The Drake before an anarchical display of the past. A collage of colored post-its guided playgoers, guiding them with beliefs, passions and fears into a small theatre where their beliefs were about to be challenged.

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Paint the Revolution: A Chilling Retrospective on Conflict and Destruction

Visitors to the Paint the Revolution exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art yearn for a fortunate opportunity to see, firsthand, famous pieces by painter-turned-pop-culture-icon Frida Kahlo or one of Diego Rivera’s renowned large-scale works. The front of the museum itself had been temporarily adorned with a self-portrait of Kahlo.

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Open Space Venue Welcomes Philly Rappers

Philadelphia refuses to stop having new wonders and hidden gems. Almost anywhere you look you can find something different, something exciting. Most recently I found it in the back of a graffiti-clothed alley off Girard Street called Open Space. Walk in the back door at 1014 N Marshall St. and the venue opens to a stark contrast of the city that surrounds it: aptly named, the venue is white space. Simple. Modern. Clean. It serves as a blank canvas for whichever event it’s hosting; one standout was a concert celebrating Philly’s budding rap scene Sept. 29.

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Night with Pete Dennis Quintet

A smooth cruise from Temple Town via 15th Street brought us past City Hall with William Penn looking over in a shaft of light as we rolled past. The night was preluded with the playing of instruments and listening to the Grateful Dead. We then arrived at the beautifully abandoned section of Samson street with only the royal blue lights of “Chris’s Jazz Café” shining through.

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Gregory Design Puts Distinct Spin on Mail

Coming off of Philalalia poetry festival over the weekend, the Tyler School of Art had its fifth annual Art Market Friday Sept. 23. Tyler graduates showed off their work for purchase, or just for show. The market had prints and ceramics, clothing and jewelry from probably three dozen vendors throughout the main floor of the art school. Some vendors had more elegant pieces, perfectly fit for a modern home, while others had very rough ceramics in the form of flasks and pipes – great for a counterculture teen. Of all of these vendors, one stood out.

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Lush, Shoegaze Comeback at Union Transfer

It can be easy to forget that shoegaze, the reverb-heavy subgenre of indie rock and neo-psychedelia was primarily a genre that thrived in the 90s. With its shimmery, fuzzy stoner aesthetic, it feels like it should be back in style. At least, I had a moment of confusion when I entered Union Transfer September 22 (my first time there) for a Lush show to find a crowd of people that all looked like they could be my parents. It was then that I remembered that before their 2016 EP, they hadn’t released any music since the 90s. It all made sense.

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