What you didn’t know about the Philadelphia entertainment scene?

Do you believe that movies shot here go unnoticed? Why isn’t filming in our city a bigger deal?  Why don’t we know what’s going on in the ‘local’ film world?

Philly may seem slightly overlooked, but this city offers ideal and historical locations for movies and television. This city has earned its respect in the movie industry and continues to be the hotbed for movie locations.

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I’ll Be Over Here: 5 Songs Indicating You’ve Outgrown the Turn Up

For months, I’d been at a loss as to why I could no longer find the joy in twerk-crazed, sweaty, overcrowded clubs like everyone else in their early 20s. But then anti-social songstress Alessia Cara’s “Here” graced my Pandora station. As Cara soulfully relayed the tiresomeness of lame get-togethers, every inexplicably underwhelming party experience I’ve had was finally able to gain closure.

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Pizzaria Beddia: As Good As It Gets

Not being one for state pride, there aren’t many things that I miss about my home state of New Jersey. The traffic, the ‘tude, the smell, all stuff I can do without. However, since coming to Philadelphia, I’ve struggled to find a substitute for Jersey pizza. In my experiences, New Jersey pizza is exceptionally good, while Philadelphia pizza is…not. And this is quite the dilemma for me, because I love pizza the way Bernie loves socialism. So I was forced to suffer, only being able to enjoy good pizza during my brief visits home. That was, until I heard about Pizzeria Beddia.

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Crystal Dreams: Out in Space

We know Philly’s not boring, especially when it comes to the arts. Philadelphia’s art scene prides itself on a diverse mix of styles and media, creating a vibrant atmosphere of local and underground creative people.  However, other than on First Fridays, how often is it that all of these diverse media outlets and artists come together to share their creative ideas amongst each other and an audience? Crystal Dreams, a new art collective, is starting with performance art and keeping Philly weird.

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