For Good Philly Food, Look no Further than Syria

The saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” does not apply at Cafe La Maude, where brunch is key.

Located in Northern Liberties on 4th and Brown Street, this restaurant serves up exotic French-Lebanese fusion cuisine in an authentic European style cafe. There is not a single menu item available that is not both very complex and extremely interesting.

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Young Adults Decide Their Legacy in 2016

Written by Julia Clements

Photos by Matt McGraw

The landscape of the city of Philadelphia has begun to transform as a result of the 2016 Presidential election. Philadelphia prepares to host the Democratic National Convention in July. Even our former mayor, Michael Nutter, has weighed in on the national election, suggesting that he wanted to ban Republican frontrunner Donald Trump from Philadelphia. This, in addition to a mural painted in the first weeks of March on a building at 22nd and Catharine streets, depicting Bernie Sanders with the accompanying slogan “Philly the Bern” highlights the hyper attention that the 2016 election demands.

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Creative Writing

A Liberal’s Guide to “Coming Out” to Trump Supporting Family

Written by Julia Clements

Illustrations by Yanuara Ramirez

As college age students, we are approaching our first Presidential election as voting-aged adults. As a political and historical geek, I have been counting down to this 2016 election since I was in grade school. I patiently awaited my time to actively participate in the political process as excitedly as a normal little girl might await her wedding day. A lot has changed since my distant observations of elections as a patriotic child. For one, to say that my political opinions have drifted from those of my family would be an understatement.

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