Lush, Shoegaze Comeback at Union Transfer

September 29, 2016 0

It can be easy to forget that shoegaze, the reverb-heavy subgenre of indie rock and neo-psychedelia was primarily a genre that thrived in the 90s. With its shimmery, fuzzy stoner aesthetic, it feels like it should be back in style. At least, I had a moment of confusion when I entered Union Transfer September 22 (my first time there) for a Lush show to find a crowd of people that all looked like they could be my parents. It was then that I remembered that before their 2016 EP, they hadn’t released any music since the 90s. It all made sense.

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The “Bang-Bang:” Reading Terminal Trip Like no Other

September 23, 2016 0

If you have ever spent time watching Louis C.K.’s sitcom, Louis, one of the lasting ideas from the show is the legendary “bang-bang.” If you enjoy eating – and eating a lot, I might add – this is also a perfect experience for you. Essentially, it’s when someone eats out at a restaurant and after a full meal is finished, he or she leaves and goes into a completely different kind of restaurant.

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Penn State Wrongfully Continues to Honor, Defend Paterno’s Actions

September 23, 2016 0

Fifty years ago from Saturday, Joe Paterno coached his first Penn State football game. Fifty years ago, before a statue was raised in his honor and an ice cream flavor was named for him. Before Paterno’s 30-year assistant Jerry Sandusky raped 10 young boys, some in the University’s own athletic complex bathrooms. Before Paterno was an enabler of child sexual abuse, allegedly ignoring a complaint from a young boy in 1971 who was raped by Sandusky.

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Illuminating Night at Mann Center

September 20, 2016 0

Fans congregated to the Mann Center Sept. 9 to watch The Lumineers perform, as well as opening acts Rayland Baxter and Børns. The venue was packed with people. The sold out concert filled the seats, balcony, and lawn with adoring fans. “This is the most crowded I’ve ever seen the Mann,” said concert-goer Mike Innocenti.

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